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  1. Un consejo: En los métodos OnEnable() de tu ScriptableObject puedes hacer la sincronización y carga de los datos, y evitar ese Null... Según como tengas el código, igual está leyendo ciertas cosas antes de tiempo, cuando todavía no está creado el objeto...
  2. pioj

    YourCity Racing

    Los usuarios tenéis un top de tamaño máximo de 8MB por archivo adjunto. Cuando da error suele ser que te pasas de tamaño y directamente lo rechaza... Recuerda que siempre puedes subirlo a otra parte y pegar aquí los links...
  3. Amidst a period of innovation for XR, we want to ensure Unity remains the best development platform for creators and our ecosystem partners. We’re excited to announce our new XR plugin framework designed to empower the ecosystem and provide guidance on how this impacts development in 2019.3 and beyond. Unity XR plugin framework We have […] The post Unity XR platform updates appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  4. Unity Reflect makes it easy to bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) data into virtual reality (VR). Learn how you can use the Unity Reflect VR Viewer to conduct immersive design reviews with Autodesk Revit models. The value of VR in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is well documented. It provides an unrivaled medium […] The post Explore Revit models in VR with Unity Reflect appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  5. We’re showcasing Unity’s voice and text chat app, Overtone, at PAX East. Experience the power of this reliable, scalable, high-fidelity communication tool in Boston, MA, February 27 to March 1. Connect with Overtone Overtone is a free downloadable voice and text chat app that enables gamers around the world to communicate in and out of […] The post Unity and Overtone at PAX East 2020 appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  6. We’ve seen that Temp allocations are the fastest kind of allocations, but is this always the case? When the fixed-size block of memory they draw from runs out, are the overflow allocations just as fast? Today we’ll test to find out! Test Design Today’s test is quite straightforward. It works like this: Perform 819 four-byte […] Ver artículo completo...
  7. La habrá borrado el autor. Esperaremos a tener otra similar y la publicamos, ok?
  8. Last year had great highlights like, the longest uninterrupted streak of #UnityTips on Twitter, regular weekly episodes of Best of Made with Unity projects and the rise of a new wave of Unity centric content creators on YouTube. With so much awesomeness to keep track of we’re dedicating the first Community Component of 2020 to […] The post Community Component – 2019 in review and community creators to follow appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  9. Unity is teaming up with NXP Semiconductors, the world’s largest provider of automotive semiconductors, to demonstrate a human-machine interface (HMI) toolchain that operates on NXP’s popular i.MX 8QuadMax Applications Processor. The collaboration creates opportunities to bring real-time 3D experiences, including games made with Unity, to mass-production vehicles, regardless of their trim level and cost. One […] The post Reimagining in-vehicle experiences with real-time 3D appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  10. pioj

    Global Game Jam

    Evento anual que reúne participantes de todo el mundo para crear videojuegos express en 48h. Muchas empresas nacen aquí... Más información : https://globalgamejam.org/
  11. The secret to creating a successful mobile games business is to have players that come back to your game day after day. The way to do that is by focusing on the one metric that matters: Lifetime Value (LTV). If you can optimize your game to focus on retaining your players over the long term, […] The post Understanding Lifetime Value and using it to grow your game appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  12. Continuing the series, today we look specifically at “overflow” allocations in the Temp allocator. We’ve seen that there’s no need to explicitly deallocate Temp memory because it all gets cleared every frame, but do we need to deallocate “overflow” allocations that didn’t fit inside the block of automatically-cleared memory? Today we’ll find out! Overflow Allocations […] Ver artículo completo...
  13. Prior to Unite Copenhagen in September 2019, Unity collaborated with Lexus and its agency Team One to showcase a real-time car configurator and promote Unity as a photographic tool with real-world camera controls, using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). The demo featured a high-detail car model from Lexus in different trims, a fully-modeled 3D […] The post How to set up Unity’s Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline for high-end visualizations appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
  14. No hay, es un regalete de paso, lo he dicho antes...
  15. After countless hours of development and iteration, you finally launched your mobile game in various app stores. But this is just the beginning. How will you maintain the health of your app? Here we will break down seven steps to get started with paid user acquisition and explain why you need it to grow your […] The post 7 steps to grow your game with paid user acquisition appeared first on Unity Technologies Blog. Ver artículo completo...
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