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  1. Buen aporte, aunque lo debo considerar experimental porque no parece compatible con versiones 2018.x. ¿Alguien se atreve a probar su compatibilidad?
  2. Real-time 3D is changing everything for games, film, automotive, architecture and more. From genre-bending apps and Emmy-winning animations to mind-blowing XR experiences, creators around the world are redefining digital storytelling. On September 23-26, join us in Copenhagen or online to celebrate their achievements and learn how Unity can fuel your own creativity. We kick things […] Ver artículo completo...
  3. Our Student Ambassadors create opportunities and spaces at universities, where their peers can come together and learn how to make the most of Unity. Student Ambassadors represent the leaders of their communities, helping people move forward. Apply for the program today! At Unity, we’re dedicated to empowering burgeoning creators. Students around the world are learning […] Ver artículo completo...
  4. pioj

    way home - 2d

    Conocíendole, te pondrá "pokemons"... XDDDDD
  5. The Unity Accelerator can help your team iterate faster by reducing project update wait times by up to 90%. No one likes to wait for things, be it your coffee machine brewing that delicious (and let’s be honest, much needed) first cup in the morning, your local project downloading the latest source code changes, or […] Ver artículo completo...
  6. Trying new tech can be more than a little intimidating, but we want to make it as fun, fast, and easy as possible for beginners to get started in Unity. That’s why we’ve created a slew of streamlined learning tools and tutorials for new users. The latest is Your First Game Jam, a live YouTube […] Ver artículo completo...
  7. pioj

    way home - 2d

    Y si tuviera otro tipo de gráficos, también XDDD
  8. Get a behind-the-scenes look at an ambitious automotive project made with Unity from Varjo, the maker of industrial VR/XR headsets known for their superior visual quality in VR. The team at Varjo is behind some of the most innovative projects in the world of mixed reality. They previously shared a photogrammetry-based environment they created in […] Ver artículo completo...
  9. With a bit of understanding and some C# trickery, we can exploit how float works to cram in a few more bits and make some big performance gains. Today we’ll see how to steal some of the bits from a float! The IEEE 754 standard describes how float values are stored. Here’s how it looks: […] Ver artículo completo...
  10. Si es un juego de competición, siempre Bronze-Plata-Oro. Por temas de UX, lo que quieres es indicarle visualmente a los jugadores que pueden superar su récord actual para lograr una mejor recompensa...
  11. As programmatic continues to evolve into the dominant method of buying digital ads, the landscape has grown to be more complex with a seemingly endless cast of publishers and intermediaries. Agencies and advertisers struggle to gain share of attention with their target audience in brand-safe environments at the most efficient price. To better serve these […] Ver artículo completo...
  12. Earlier this year we introduced the Animation Rigging package. Our initial goal was to provide a suite of constraints that can be used to create different rigs to alter or modify your animation at runtime. We’ve been exploring many of the possibilities that this package offers, pushing the boundaries between runtime and authoring. This article […] Ver artículo completo...
  13. Mixed reality enhances our ability to create, learn, and collaborate in the workplace. Among frontline workers, spatial computing provides insights that surpass the abilities of a 2D screen or other traditional viewing methods. What if you could be an expert at anything? In one scene in the film, The Matrix, the characters Trinity and Neo […] Ver artículo completo...
  14. If you weren’t able to attend SIGGRAPH this year or missed one of our presentations in the Unity Sessions room, you can now watch them on our YouTube channel! SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest conference for computer graphics technology and research, bringing together thousands of computer graphics professionals. This year the show took place in […] Ver artículo completo...
  15. A reader recently asked what the fastest way to take an absolute value was. It occurred to me that there are a lot of ways to do this in Unity! So today we’ll try them all out and see which is best. Options How many ways can we take the absolute value of a float? […] Ver artículo completo...
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